Perfect Delivery for Vitamins, Natural Ingredients and More

At NPI, we can offer you a variety of capsule options for your nutriceutical product: time-release, custom coatings and colors as well as capsules for sports nutrition supplements, organic & whole food products and even specialty formulations.

All capsule supplements manufactured at NPI adhere to our strict quality control standards including ICP, IR, GC, HPLC and UV analysis. This reduces errors, streamlines the encapsulation process & gets your supplements where you want them: into the hands of your waiting customers.

Want More Information on Capsule Supplement Manufacturing?

Do not hesitate to contact us with your design, encapsulation or packaging questions. Our team of customer service representatives is always eager to discuss NPI’s innovative development, manufacturing, documentation, shipping & packaging processes with you.

Because we treat our clients as partners, our reps are as much a part of your team as they are ours. Talk to one of our customer service representatives today about how NPI can turn your capsule supplement vision into a reality!

Talk with a service representative today about how you can turn your vision into a reality.